The BIG Talks

Introducing and Providing Ongoing Opportunities for Talking With Pre-Teens and Teens About Sex, Reproduction, and Puberty

What Are The BIG Talks?

The BIG Talks are designed to be a series of meetings and learning opportunities for boys in 5th, then 7th, and then 9th grade. The first BIG Talk is a 2.5-hour meeting with boys and their parents that provides foundational, medically-accurate information on the basics of puberty and reproduction. Topics include: defining puberty and understand its purpose and process; the physical, social, and emotional changes that accompany puberty; the science behind reproductive anatomy and reproduction; the story of birth, and; the similarities and differences between boys’ and girls’ experiences during puberty. The second and third BIG Talks are more advanced and highlight additional, more mature topics for 7th and then 9th graders. These BIG Talks all occur with boys and their parents or caregivers attending together.

The overarching goal of The BIG Talks program is twofold: to educate the boys and to lay the groundwork for ongoing discussions between boys and their parents as they develop and move through adolescence.

The BIG Talks take place at one of the participant’s homes and is done in a casual, matter-of-fact way that hopes to begin and then continue a dialogue between pre-teen and teen boys and their parents about growing bodies, puberty, sex, healthy relationships, and anything else in between. Slides and active discussion are used, with ample opportunity for the boys to ask questions. Boys and parents experience The BIG Talks in the same room at the same time, and each boy should attend with both parents, if possible.


The BIG Talks Curriculum:

(4th & 6th Grade)

(7th & 8th Grade)

(9th & 10th Grade)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The cost is $75 per boy/parent(s). Siblings attending together cost $125.

Where do BIG Talks take place?

Someone in the group hosts the event, and Dr. Miller travels to the location.

How long does a The BIG Talk typically last?

Anywhere from between 2.5 and 3 hours.

How much lead time does Dr. Miller need to schedule a BIG Talk?

That depends on Dr. Miller’s schedule, but typically about a month lead time is sufficient.

How do I pay?

Payment by check or Zelle (8584149332) is acceptable. You can make checks out to “BIG” or “Chris Miller”.


When do most BIG Talks take place?

BIG Talks are typically conducted on weekends, usually on Saturday or Sunday mid to late-afternoons. A specific day and time will be arranged by you and Dr. Miller.

Are there more than one BIG Talk?

Yes. The first BIG Talk is considered a “basics” talk for 5th-6th graders. The second BIG Talk is for 7th-8th graders and includes more in-depth information about more advanced topics. The third BIG Talk is for 9th-10th graders and addresses more advanced topics like healthy relationships, dating, and consent.

Is there a way to review the content for the first, second, and third BIG Talks?

Yes.  Just scroll up and click on the icon for whichever talk you are interested.

Can my son attend alone?

We do not encourage it.  In fact, having both parents attend (if possible) is best.  Having one attend is just fine too.

Do you offer remote/Zoom BIG Talks?

Yes.  The content (lecture and slideshow) is identical to an in-person talk.  The cost is $75 for the remote BIG Talk.

Are there additional materials I can access (like handouts) that provide resources for parents and boys?

Yes.  At each BIG Talk, Dr. Miller will bring resource and other handouts, but these materials can also be accessed on the website.  Just click here to take a look.

Are there talks for girls?

BIG does not provide BIG Talks for girls. However, there are two organizations that do. You may contact Linda Sheldone, R.N., at Sisterhood Seminars at (760) 685-2961 or You may also contact Healthy Chats for Girls at

About the Facilitator

Dr. Christopher Miller is the Founder and Director of BIG and the developer of The BIG Talk, with over 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist. He has educated hundreds of boys and parents about puberty and reproduction in both school and private settings. My role is to facilitate the process of you and your sons communicating about this vital aspect of life. I will be providing key facts for your sons to learn, but you will infuse these facts with your own personal values and perspectives. Learning these facts is the first step, but your sons also need to know how to make sex a safe, healthy, and sacred part of their lives. I am confident that you will use the BIG Talk experience as a springboard for further talks.

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